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David Kay, chair, Interfaith Council of Central Florida

Last week: DOWNTOWN TRAIL Imagine being able to safely walk, bike, or drive from I-4, through the edge of downtown Orlando, past Lake Eola Park, through Thorton Park, and all the way to the Milk District. It’s a two-mile straight line past parks, schools, and historic neighborhoods. That’s the story that broke this past week about a plan by city and state transportation offices to revamp Robinson Street between Hughey Avenue and Crystal Lake Drive. Bike paths, spacious sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian-friendly landscaping, and more. In a city with one of the highest rates of pedestrians hit by cars, it’s a welcome and much-needed change.

Looking ahead: CHANCE TO VOTE Monday, July 25, is the last day to register to vote in the August 23 primary elections. It may be tempting to ignore primaries as foregone conclusions, but that would be a mistake. Not only do they determine who’s on the ballot in November, they shape local and county government as well. Even if you’re already registered, be sure to confirm your “active voter” status by going to, and entering your first name, last name, and date of birth.

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