Real Estate Transfers March 5, 2022 | Records

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 11 through Feb. 17:

5842 Hwy. 1389, Angela N. Thomas and Eric D. Thomas to Amy Leann Nugent and Donald R. Nugent Jr., $332,000

865 Live Oak Place, Ronald Peyton and Joan Peyton to Byron Westerfield, $179,000

1353 Hwy. 140 W., Keolani Bradley and Andre Bradley to Angela Nicole Thomas and Eric Thomas, $557,000

718 Leitchfield Rd., Adams and Dye Properties LLC to Johnny Denison, $33,000

836 Parkway Dr., Deanna Ratajczak to Jonathan Daniel Keiser, $178,000

1718 Freeman Ave., Stephen D. McFarling and Patricia G. McFarling to Seth L. Faull and Katelyn Faull, $374,900

6239 Frederica St., Beau Alvey to Glen Gallwas and Sheila Gallwas, $110,000

6656 Kingston Dr., Jordan D. Gray and April Gray to Daniel R. Smith and Rhonda Ann Ganucheau, $25,000

8038 Hwy. 762, Rose M. Wieder to Jourdian Lamar and Amanda Lamar, $315,000

12957 Red Hill Maxwell Rd., Wellspring Real Estate Holdings LLC to Phillip E. Sinnett, $173,900

4100 Ryeland Pt., Phillip E. Sinnett to Grant Nolan Givens, $156,500

609 Lafayette Dr., FDH Properties LLC to Jacob T. Hancock, $158,000

3230 Burns Rd., Jourdian Lamar and Amanda Lamar to George Andrew Terrell and Dena Marie Terrell, $274,500

5030 Diamond Dr., Kenneth F. Rogers and Deanna S. Rogers to Big “O” Investments LLC, $205,000

2821 Garden Dr., Ethan Alexander Midkiff and Carol N. Midkiff to Enrique Rangel and Ceci Rafati, $134,900

1109 Werner Ave., H3W Properties LLC to Karla Ramirez Gutierrez, $45,000

709 E. 21st St., Bethany Williams Hatcher and Joseph Lyle Hatcher to Ariana Calderon Alejo, $128,000

1647 Chapel Ln., Jarryd Lancaster and Alexandria Lancaster to Ethan Midkiff and Nicole Midkiff, $239,900

4681 Windstone Dr., Wendy Cox to Mindy Lawrence, $235,000

4100 Doe Ridge Ct., Joseph Brian Coots and Sara Tichenor Coots to Catherine Jeanette Loney, $64,900

2332 Skaggs Ct., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $33,500

2332 Skaggs Ct., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Giovanni Montgomery, $256,865

699 Chuck Gray Ct., Corey Rocquin and Sandra Rocquin to Space Sloth LLC, $85,000

2601 Sir Barton Ct., John Young And Cindy Young to Yang Y. Lin and Minchen Chen, $184,900

8530 Hwy. 81, Nichol Victoria Stangle and Adam Jay Stangle to Haustin D. Hawkins, $183,000

2504 Hwy. 140 E., Michael Tyler Thompson to Matthew S. Edmonson, $239,900

1819 Frederica St., Limestone Bank to 1819 Frederica LLC, $475,000

6826 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $43,825

6826 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to William E. Barrow and Kelly L. Barrow, $346,605

2185 Skaggs Ct., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $32,000

2185 Skaggs Ct., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Diamond Bright, $232,000

4780 Whistle Rock Ct., Nancy F. Burden and Roger Burden to Kaylie Hodskins and Elizabeth Hodskins, $218,000

3912 Brookfield Dr., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Genetta Helene Parker, $291,195

6399 Valley Brook Trace, Jason S. Stovall and Ashley D. Stovall to Ciera D. Boyd, $248,900

1830 Cherokee Dr., Keith Allen Carden and Valerie Carden to Devin Carden and Peggy Carden, $100,000

118 Fern Hill Dr., Christopher L. Besecker and Jennifer H. Besecker to Joseph Neil Duff and Sarah Elizabeth Duff, $469,900

4543 Cove Pointe, John G. Vessels to Nicholas A. Vessels, $185,000

4530 Woodlake Run, Anthony J. Moore and Heather M. Moore to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., $275,000

4530 Woodlake Run, Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Gary Dustin Vincent and Miranda Rae Vincent, $275,000

2204 Belmont Dr., Christopher Thomas and Monica Mundy to Dream Design LLC and TEK Enterprises LLC, $77,000

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