Real Alternative Capital Serves as an Investing Partner for Hardworking Dentists, Doctors, and Small Business Owners Interested in Financial Freedom

Family-Owned Real Estate Company Passive Income and Capital Preservation through Recession Resistant Alternative Investments.

Real Alternative Capital, LLC is a private real estate investment company that specializes in helping Dentists, Doctors, and Small Business Owners learn about the opportunities to invest in alternative assets such as private real estate syndications providing stable long term returns. The family-owned organization’s original inception was around five years ago when Dave Schmidt III saw lackluster returns and high management fees within his father’s, Dr. Schmidt’s, retirement account. Dr. Schmidt, a practicing physician for over 30 years, was not creating the retirement nest egg that he had expected and was searching for an alternative to the standard savings accounts and investment opportunities that had been provided to him by large banks and wealth management firms. Dave III saw an opportunity to use his father’s money as a tool in his own real estate deals, allowing him to not only make money for himself but also pay interest to his busy father. They both want to show how a busy doctor with lack luster traditional retirement options moved towards a retirement full of cash flow in real estate.

Dave Schmidt III has been in the real estate industry since he was twenty-two and has a successful home buying company on the Delmarva Peninsula, known as “Delmarva Dave”. Both Dave and his father bring first-hand investing knowledge and experience to the table. Dave understands the power of real estate and is passionate about making these investments available to people just like his father, enabling them to play a completely passive role in their journey to financial freedom. Through their company, Dave and father now share their exclusive off market real estate opportunities with other hard working professionals who do not have the time or team in place to find and complete complex real estate deals.

Alongside Dave III and their father, Dr. David, his older sister Kristina Schmidt acts as the company’s Executive Director. She is an 8-year veteran in the real estate industry and has a degree in Residential Design and Property Management from Virginia Tech. She has actively managed thousands of units all over the country.

Real Alternative Capital aims to help hard working professionals invest in private real estate syndications. Dave III was able to help his father and business partner, Dr. David, remove his portfolio from the Wall Street Casino and into predictable and passive investments that have preserved his capital. The company searches for the best real estate opportunities to invest in, deploying capital into recession resistant assets that make a hedge against the high inflation we are seeing today and provide real cash flow. They conservatively underwrite multifamily, self-storage, and mobile home park opportunities with the guidance of their team of advisors who have reviewed thousands of deals. It is their goal to help other small business owners scale their investments with increased access to great deals.

Being family-owned, Real Alternative Capital, gives investors the advantage of having a personalized relationship with the company. Through Real Alternative Capital’s simplified approach, investors can expect opportunities to invest in real estate that previously were unavailable.

Education is an important element of Real Alternative Capital’s business model. Both Dr. Schmidt and Dave III believe that everyone should understand what alternative investment opportunities are available and assist investors with transitioning their approach from focusing on traditional retirement accounts to a concentration around passive income and capital preservation.

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