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During political campaigns, candidates will sometimes make claims about what they intend to do if elected. What sets me apart from the other candidates for mayor is my long history of service in this area — a record of accomplishments, relationships, leadership and experience. I can share examples of real positive wins for the people of Taos that have already happened or that are already in process. I believe that if I am re-elected we can continue the momentum I have worked to build from within this community. 

One of the mayor’s most important jobs is to ensure that there is strong infrastructure to support success in all areas, like businesses, parks and other public spaces. In the past, Town staff and I have worked to bring in over $123 million in grant money.  We have repaved or rebuilt 70 percent of the town’s roads, upgraded water and sewer lines, repaired neglected town parks and buildings, repaired runways at the airport, and we have partnered to help find ways to keep our recycling center open. In support of public safety, I have worked with those council members who were willing to raise wages for Town of Taos staff, including Taos police officers and firefighters. Shovel-ready infrastructure improvements to the airport represent the first critical steps in the single biggest public safety project in Taos’ history. The regional public safety training center that will be built near the new industrial technical park will be used by trainees from all over the state — trainees who will also stay at our local hotels, eat at restaurants and shop at our stores. By supporting our local first responders, I have worked to make crime rates lower, and to make the people of Taos safer all while investing in programs that support our local economy.   

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town and I worked with Holy Cross Hospital to make emergency overflow beds available at the Town’s “Annex” building, remodeling much of the building in less than 20 days. Town staff also built a whole new front entrance on the hospital to ensure that patients could enter and be treated as safely as possible. We found additional grants to help local businesses, distributing $500,000 in cash assistance to local businesses to modify their business to be able to stay open safely and keep locals employed.  And, throughout the pandemic, the Town has partnered with local stakeholders to move millions of dollars worth of lifesaving personal protective equipment and other supplies not just around the enchanted circle but around the whole State of New Mexico.

Some of the candidates have talked about wanting to support affordable housing. Over 70 new affordable housing units were made over the past several years within Town limits, with more housing options being worked on right now.   

Many of these projects have been years in the making in order to make them shovel ready and able to be funded. These successes for the people of Taos were paid for in part with federal and state funding won through relationships I have developed with the Governor, Legislatures, our federal officials, Taos Pueblo and Taos County.

Many of the other candidates can talk about what they might do, or what they hope to do. As your Mayor, I can talk about not just what I intend to do, but also what we have done and can continue to do together.

Experience and leadership matter.  I have served this community for over 30 years and as your Mayor for 8 years. Join me in continuing the great work we have done together. 

I ask for your Vote to re-elect me Dan Barrone as your mayor of Taos.

Dan Barrone is the current mayor of Taos and was first elected in 2014. He is running for re-election to his third term as mayor in the March 1 election.

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