Planning Board Recap: Board gets first crack at trio of new projects

ITHACA, N.Y.—As City of Ithaca Planning Board meetings go, this month’s felt relatively fresh. Since projects usually require several months of review, often times it just feels like a rehash with a few new details or changes. This month, three of the six projects on the agenda were either totally new to the board or greatly revised after a long hiatus. These projects also received generally polite receptions, though there are some issues that will need to be sorted out.

As always, the Voice is hear to give you the updates you crave. For those who like having reference notes on hand, you can open a copy of the unusually short 62-page PDF agenda for the meeting here

Subdivision Review

First up were lot subdivision reviews—these are when property lots in the city, technically known as parcels, seek legal reconfiguration, which could be anything from being split up into two or more plots, reshaped or consolidated from multiple lots back into one parcel.

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