Pasco’s 2021 building permit values reach nearly $4 billion

Pasco County’s permitting activities continue to break records — with the county issuing  permits totaling nearly $4 billion in value during 2021, according to County Administrator Dan Biles.

The pace of growth is brisk in Pasco County and there are no apparent signs it will be slowing any time soon, according to County Administrator Dan Biles. (File)

Biles broke down the numbers for the Pasco County Commission during its Jan. 11 meeting.

The county recorded 9,000 single-family home permits in 2021, Biles said.

“That’s 56% above 2020 and double 2019. And, 2019 was a record,” Biles said.

“These are post-crash records because we don’t have necessarily clean data from the pre-08-09 crash,” the top county executive said.

“Commercial is up 20%. Almost 700 new permits, new construction numbers.

“Building construction did 64,000 total permits last year, which was up 20%. The new stuff is only about 10% to 15% of their total workload.

“And, most of that total workload now can be done online, as we went to the new portal in December. Most permits can be submitted online and you get them relatively quickly.

“By the way, planning’s workload is double what it was 12 months ago, so more’s coming,” Biles told board members.

Published January 19, 2022

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