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You may have noticed a new building popping up around the also relatively-new Campfire Roasters storefront located in Margaret Court, in Madisonville. The lot is owned by Madisonville Garage Doors, Inc. and they will be utilizing the space to construct the buildings, which according to Madisonville Garage Doors, Inc. President, Chris Rothschild, they are a continuation of the existing facility due to the overwhelming response that they have had.

“We are targeting folks that need a place to get their campers, RV’s, classic cars, and/or stuff securely out of the weather to prolong its life. We are also targeting businesses and contractors that need a secure, centrally located storage location for their goods/materials.”

Each of the larger units will have: 14×14 motor operated overhead door, a 30-amp receptacle, a 120v receptacle, and lighting. The smaller units will have a 10×10 overhead door, a 120v receptacle and lighting. The entire facility will be well lit and have 24-hour camera surveillance for added security. All this in the center of town as to be convenient to come and go at any time.

Currently the company does not have a date for when it can begin renting the new units.

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