Minecraft Player Builds Boba Fett’s Ship From Star Wars

One talented Minecraft player develops an impressively detailed replica of Boba Fett’s iconic ‘Slave One’ aircraft that can reportedly fly in-game.


The gaming community can be incredibly imaginative, often finding ways to use video games as a canvas for creativity. One game that encourages such innovation is the adventure-sandbox builder Minecraft. Since the game struck store shelves over a decade ago, players all over the world have been making stunning works of art in Minecraft’s Survival and Creative modes to see how far the in-game tools can be pushed. Now, one clever player’s remarkably intricate build pushes such limits into a galaxy far, far away.


For the uninitiated, while the game mainly features modes where the primary goal is to survive against the odds, those feeling a little inspired can hop over into the Creative mode to construct some impressive Minecraft building designs. This half of Minecraft offers players an unlimited amount of materials, plus a guaranteed absence of imminent enemy mobs. On top of this, Creative mode grants all players the ability to fly, which is very useful for making structures that require aerial assistance. In short, the community has produced works of wonder thanks to the mechanics packed within this one mode.

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In a related manner, one Reddit user known as Patatasuper has unveiled their very own in-game replica based on one of science fiction’s most iconic starships of all time. Usually piloted in the Star Wars franchise by feared bounty hunter Boba Fett, users immediately met this impressive construct with over 14,000 upvotes on the Minecraft subreddit. Many users even checked by the reply section to praise Patatasuper in their efforts and seemed to respect seeing such a legendary symbol of cinema being accurately transported into Minecraft by the player.

Straight off the bat, it is clear that this Minecraft interpretation of Boba Fett’s ship has it all. From its peculiar skull-shaped exterior design to its enormous twin tail blaster cannons, nothing gets cut out here for the sake of simplification. Not only does this blocky replica bear such an uncanny resemblance to the source it’s based on, but according to Patatasuper, the starship can soar through the in-game world. Although Patatasuper is yet to show evidence of such happening, it would not be the first time a Minecraft player uses Redstone to build fantastical contraptions.

For those who have seen none of the films or shows, Boba Fett is a prominent character in Star Wars. Earning bountiful dividends by whacking targets in the name of criminal empires across the solar system, this gunslinger takes control of a powerful pursuit craft to make his way from A to B within the galaxy.

With stunning Minecraft homages to legendary cinema icons now going viral within the community, it will be interesting to see what other motivated designs gamers can assemble next.

Minecraft is available now on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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