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The intentionality of sustainability and local sourcing continue to grow in residential design, as evidenced by a trio of metro area companies: American Timber Salvage, Refab and Rustic Grain.

All three occupy St. Louis: American Timber Salvage in the Near North Riverfront neighborhood, Refab in the Benton Park West neighborhood and Rustic Grain in the Patch, the city’s southernmost neighborhood.

American Timber Salvage, its website states, seeks “to salvage historic building wood materials for re-use” and cites as one of its more significant projects the 113-year-old Cupples 7 warehouse, which was demolished in 2013.

Among old-growth lumber for salvage locally, the company customarily concentrates its efforts on the oldest and rarest northern white and southern long-leaf yellow pine.

“We work with homeowners, interior decorators and designers, architects, rehabbers and artists,” American Timber Salvage’s website adds.

Notably, Bruce Gerrie, who founded the company in 2006, collaborated with the late, great Bob Cassilly to provide materials for downtown St. Louis’ beloved City Museum. There, Gerrie owned and curated the St. Louis Architectural Museum, according to the website.

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On its own website, Refab states its mission as collaborating “with local nonprofit organizations, community groups and government to promote the collective and creative re-use of our built environment.” It does so “by deconstructing buildings otherwise slated for demolition, retraining community members for careers in green industry, and refabricating building materials.”

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