Make Your Good Industrial Ads the Greatest of All Time

How Do You Make a Good Industrial Ad Greatest of All Time (GOAT)?

Now that some time has passed since Super Bowl Sunday, which ads do you recall? There were some standouts both good and bad. The ads you remember are “sticky” for a reason. A lot of advertisers took shortcuts to get you to recall their messages. Below are ads that worked, why they succeeded, and how to use the techniques for your industrial ads.

What Tactics Worked?

  1. Famous actors pitch products
  2. Make an emotional connection
  3. Contrast with something odd or unexpected
  4. Craft a story

Famous Pitches/Testimonials

Many of the ads that ran during Super Bowl LVI were carried by known actors or athletes. The relationship between an endorsement from a famous person creates a shortcut in the customer’s mind. If a popular person likes the product, I’ll probably like it, too. Planet Fitness employed more than 5 actors and athletes to support their message. One more affordable way industrial markers employ similar use of this strategy is with relevant testimonials. Someone in my industry has experience with a product or service that helped solve a common problem.

Emotional Connections

Toyota’s “Brothers” told the story of Robin and Brian McKeever, cross country skiers who trained together after Brian lost his eyesight. They went on to win 10 Paralympic medals together. This heart-warming story reiterates Toyota’s corporate philosophy and messaging. Manufacturers have strong feelings about the tools they use every day. Telling a story about the life of a tool can be a good use of an emotional connection.

Something Unexpected

When advertisers spend $7 million on a 30-second ad spot, it was extremely unexpected to see the Coinbase QR code slowly bounce around the screen for 60 seconds. The simple juxtaposition of the basic screensaver throwback broke through the clutter. Another example of unexpectedness was the Uber Eats “Don’t Uber Eats” ad where actors bit into inedible products. Industrial ads can pull off unique behavior by placing products into scenarios that they don’t belong. Think a CNC machining center in a surgeon’s operating room.

Craft a Story

BMW crafted a story about Zeus and Hera’s retirement showing Arnold Schwartzenegger and Selma Hayek adjusting to their retirement in Florida. Zeus’ difficulty adjusting to retired life was illustrated through multiple scenes before Hera helps out with a gift of an electric car. By placing people into relatable scenarios the viewer connects with the product.

When creating your own industrial ads, go beyond the basic bullet listings of product benefits and features. Build a connection with your audience through the use of these four powerful psychological ad techniques.

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