Live Like Hobbits In These 10 Hobbit Homes Around The World

Hobbit homes are some of the most fascinating dwelling places one can be in. These tiny little homes are not just built for small people but just about anyone who loves a unique lodging experience. And believe it or not, these dwellings are just as luxurious as any home can be and also spacious enough for all the comfort one needs. Think of lodges with circular doors, surrounding green vegetation, round windows, beautiful gardens, and corridors with views of mesmerizing sunsets. Those are the kind of views these hobbit homes offer. While heading to these Hobbit homes around the world, remember that tea is at four and that Bilbo’s 111th birthday starts as soon as the sun sets. Also, don’t bother knocking!

10 Hobbitowa, Krzywcza, Poland

There are many unique things one can see in Poland, from the mysterious forest in Gryfino to a city made of salt, but none of those attractions offer the kind of unique lodging experience that Hobbitowa offers. This unique underground dwelling located in Krzywcza features luxurious furnishing and wide glass windows that present great views of the surrounding lush forest. Besides the peace of the lodge, the spacious interior also makes the stay more enjoyable.


9 Hobbiton Movie Set, Matamata, New Zealand

No list of hobbit homes will be complete without the humble hobbit home of the Baggins. Located in Matamata, New Zealand, this unique dwelling is one that brought the idea of hobbit homes to many. The beautiful garden and the surrounding green vegetation can still be seen there today. One thing to keep in mind, though is that the Hobbit house in Matamata cannot be booked, although many still visit to take in the gorgeous views of this unique dwelling in the shire.

8 The Shire Of Montana, Trout Creek, Montana

A stay in the Shire of Montana is an opportunity to experience a magical and cozy stay in the wilderness of Montana. It combines the features of an underground dwelling and the comfort of a luxurious hotel. The hidden hobbit home features a spacious interior with amenities ranging from electronics to kitchen tools. The lodge is also creatively built to conserve heat and provide a peaceful atmosphere to keep visitors comfortable and relaxed at all times.

7 Wisconsin Hobbit House, USA

Sometimes, nothing beats a quiet stay in a beautiful 1970s earth home in a remote location. It feels magical and unreal, and this is what visitors will enjoy in the Earth-Sheltered in River Falls, Wisconsin. The cozy little Hobbit home features a spacious 2,200 square feet interior which is beautifully decorated and filled with cozy amenities such as baths, fireplaces, and car garages. The surrounding scenery also makes it seem like a location in a fantasy movie that’s yet to be released.

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6 Underground Hygge, Washington, USA

Staying at normal hotels is appealing and cozy, but it may be too regular for many. Sometimes what one needs is a simple stay in a hobbit home such as Underground Hygge in Washington. This Airbnb hobbit home is located near the Columbia River, surrounded by gorgeous grasses and trees with a front area where one can sit and watch the beautiful skies while telling or listening to inspiring tales. A queen-sized bed, electricity, a fireplace, and a bathroom are some of the amenities featured in this hole in the ground.

5 Hobbit House, Geversduin, Netherlands

The idea of hobbit homes has spread far and wide, giving rise to many hobbit homes, such as the Hobbit House in Geversduin, Netherlands. This hobbit home offers a unique and secluded camping experience as it is surrounded by lush forests and shaded under tall trees. The interior of this dream house is spacious enough to accommodate an entire family, and with a beach nearby, there are lots of interesting activities one can enjoy while staying here.

4 The Hobbit House In Wales

Wales is a unique destination in Europe where one can enjoy a magical vacation, and one exciting place to enjoy a stay in the country is the Hobbit house located in Rhayader. This unique lodge overlooks the gorgeous green hills of the area and comes with a small outdoor sitting area where one can relax and suck in the scenery. Within the luxurious interior of the house are amenities which include – a hot tub, three bedrooms with queen-sized beds, and a spacious kitchen area.

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3 Hobbit Mountain Hole, Canada

Hobbit Mountain Hole is one of the closest in design to the original shire dwelling, but besides that, a stay in this house is a nature-inclined one. Located in the Kootenay region of Canada, this hobbit home is covered in lush vegetation and is surrounded by lots of vegetation. The interior of the home is furnished with beautiful decor that makes it feel more like a middle-earth dwelling.

2 The Hobbit House, Hawaii, U.S.

Many things make Hawaii unique, from dense forests with miles of hiking trails to beaches with exciting waves for surfing and stunning mountains. But there’s more, and the hobbit home is one of them. This dream house presents the enchantment of a Hobbiton even as it stands in the lush landscape of Hawaii. The hobbit home is located in Oahu near the Waimanalo beach and is surrounded by the Ko’olau mountain range. Visitors will be presented with spacious bedrooms and a cozy living area as well as amenities ranging from – well-equipped bathrooms to hot tubs and queen-size beds. Besides the enchanting middle-earth experience one will enjoy in this hobbit home, there are exciting activities one can do in the surrounding forests.

1 Hobbit House, Scotland, UK

The unique landscape is the perfect spot for a fantasy adventure, and a stay in the hobbit house near Tomich is a great place to begin. What makes this hobbit house particularly special is the fact that the builder had no idea of the movie at the time of the building’s construction. Yet the door and the uniquely furnished interior of the house look identical to the hobbit home from the epic movie. One might be tempted to think this could have been the inspiration for Peter Jackson’s design of the hobbit abode in the Lord of the Rings movies.

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