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A Kelowna councillor is asking for “some creativity” from developers when building large rental projects in the city.

“I have seen some other large rental properties where they are three or four or five buildings and they’re all basically the same architectural design,” said Coun. Luke Stack. “They’re not as nice as I think they could be.”

Stack made his comments as council considered a rezoning application for a four-building development in The Ponds neighbourhood at 1055 Frost Road, between Steele Road and Gordon Drive.

“When it comes to us as a development permit, I would really like to see some creativity on the design, because it’s going to set the tone for this area. As much as we want rental housing, I’d really like to see some rental housing with some design features that are aesthetically pleasing to the neighborhood.”

Stack noted that council has approved some projects over the past few years, that when they were fully built, were he thought they were underwhelming in how they worked in neighbourhoods.

“That would be my comment just to throw out very early in the game that I would really love to see some creativity, but as far as the concept of the housing and the location I’m 100 per cent on board.”


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