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Kat Sabo
Budova Engineering

katsabo_head-shot_ww_web-size_finalWhat would possess someone to leave a thriving career in high school education and start an engineering firm? For Kat Sabo, president of Budova Engineering, the answer was allergies.

After teaching in an old classroom and suffering from debilitating allergies that hadn’t existed prior to that teaching role, and then watching her preschooler suffer from similar illnesses after being enrolled in PreK, she had an epiphany: They weren’t sick, their schools were.

“Owning Budova has taught me that buildings shouldn’t make people sick; in fact, there are countless ways to ensure occupants remain both happy and healthy,” Sabo said.

Thus, in 2012, Sabo created Budova Engineering, a consulting firm that assists commercial building owners and operators with the efficient design, construction and operation of their buildings. The firm’s primary services are building commissioning, energy audits, energy modeling, facility condition assessments, and green building consulting. The firm is an MDOT-certified SBE and has offices in Arnold and Atlanta, Georgia.

Sabo and her team were commissioned to assist with the historic A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph project, which previously housed the oldest lithography company in the United States.

“While I genuinely appreciate all opportunities my company has been given, I love being part of projects that better the lives of individuals and communities. I am really proud of the Hoen Lithograph project as it was obvious that it was going to be transformational to that area. That makes my heart happy,” said Sabo.

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