‘It actually feels like home’ – Residents ecstatic over Midtown Villages renovations

Working in partnership with Collaborative Housing Solutions and SK Collaborative, each of the 200 units received a full makeover, including new flooring, windows, appliances, cabinets, roofs, and central air conditioning.

Residents have been excited to return to their apartments.

“Everybody was running around,” said Lakeisha Wright, 32, an 11-year resident with four children. “Even just peeking in the windows (before move-in), we could not wait to get back in the house.”

“I was so happy,” she said. “It actually feels like home.”

One of the most significant renovations is the addition of new heating, ventilation and air conditioning, which cost $2.7 million or $13,500 per unit. The indoors during a hot summer day had felt “like 110 degrees,” said property manager Patrick Scarlett.

The new systems are making another difference as well.

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