Hyperion lab selects 9 AI startups for next batch

Amsterdam-based Hyperion Lab is starting its second run with nine new startups working in the field of green Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing (HPC). The lab is a collaboration of Amsterdam’s EscherCloud and global hardware manufacturer NVIDIA to support the communities working in AI and HPC.

‘From fashion to proptech and edtech’

With this second batch, Hyperion Lab continues its mission to provide support for startups to expand their talent within the Netherlands and access more funding from its investor network. “We have another amazing batch of startups joining us from fashion and proptech to edtech. The EscherCloud team looks forward to continuing to help both our alumni and this new batch with their growth plans”, says Sana Khareghani, CSO at EscherCloud. 

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“The Showcase Program is a great opportunity for the community to come together and develop the next generation of AI innovations. The mission to support these promising companies and build out the AI ecosystem on the foundations of Amsterdam’s excellent science base and inspiring startup climate is close to our hearts.”

Each participating startup is automatically a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, which provides access to NVIDIA’s technology, deep learning training and expert sessions with technology and business mentors.

These startups join Hyperion Lab

The following eight startups from all over Europe have joined Hyperion Lab to collaborate and accelerate their technology from May to October 2022:

OMRT – Amsterdam, Netherlands

OMRT is a tech scaleup that has built a design platform for real estate development. The product is a collection of architectural designs, physics, finance and material modules connected within one digital brain. It can analyse and predict building designs to create an optimised built environment, wasting less energy and resources.

Eva Engines – Paris, France

Eva Engines has developed an AI technology capable of transforming a sketch into a realistic model in seconds. Furthermore, it is integrated into a SaaS platform, offering various business and collaborative functionalities intended to accelerate product creation, reduce collection costs and the number of prototypes.

MACCO Robotics – Malaga, Spain

The Spanish Macco designs and creates humanoid waiter robots with a Spanish design that can prepare and serve food and beverages safely, take orders from the kitchen or bar to tables and disinfect spaces.

Fyma.ai – Tallinn, Estonia

Fyma allows city planners to measure mobility analytics using computer vision, providing valuable information on movement and behavioural patterns. It offers a self-setup computer vision AI platform in the world that aims to make AI accessible to everyone.

Kimo.ai – Amsterdam, Netherlands

KIMO’s edtech system can self-organise learning content on the web into coherent topics and sub-topics, providing users guidance in the world of work in the 21st century.

Tekle Holographics – Hilversum, Netherlands

Tekle Holographics builds software for real-time holographic images. That means it can create lifelike 3D experiences for the metaverse. Users can participate in this immersive setup without a headset.

BranchKey – Amsterdam, Netherlands

BranchKey allows data scientists to collaborate safely to deliver better services and products to end-users. The platform serves as a communication medium that connects every data processing intelligence agent, allowing them to share the information they learn with every other agent in the universe.

Deeplo AI – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Deeplo AI created an AI-powered hiring platform in 2021 that makes it easier for tech candidates to find jobs and understand their skills gap, while also offering a solution to companies with a shortage of skilled tech professionals.

LabelFuse – Eindhoven, Netherlands

LabelFuse enables security operators to automatically capture and analyse context-specific incidents from any connected camera in real-time to prevent and track asset damage before it occurs with AI. 

Previous batch successes

The previous eight startups of Hyperion Lab reported several successes during the programme. For instance, Ellogon.AI was able to run a pilot on the UbiOps platform on EscherCloud. The lab also became a facilitator for startup visa’s, as the co-founder of Sateleads managed to land one. 

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Meanwhile, Natuition opened its second office while taking part in the programme. “Participation in Hyperion Lab opened huge networking and business perspectives in the Netherlands for my company,” says Vladimir Modylevskii, founder of Natuition. “We are about to start a new product range thanks to the contacts we obtained during multiple events with investors.”

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