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Lead generation is important for the growth of your business, but more importantly, it is for REALTORS® to maintain a healthy pipeline of leads. See below for our top recommendations to generate real estate leads.

Develop a niche

It’s advisable to choose a niche so that you may understand and narrow down your search to your target audience. When you find your niche, it allows you to focus your marketing efforts on a specific group of people and location. This helps you to develop a reputation as the go-to realtor for these buyers and sellers.

Below are a few examples of real estate niches you can venture into.

  • Investment properties
  • Probate
  • Luxury homes
  • Selling or buying Distressed properties
  • Relocation services
  • Leasing out Vacation homes

Engaging website

A professional website tells your client that you’re a serious business. It makes it easy for you to build your brand, showcase what you are selling, and share reviews of satisfied clients.

Note: Ensure you optimize your site and have a section for tackling common questions and challenges in the selling & buying process. Furthermore, capture the email addresses of your website visitors by newsletter signup.

Build partnerships

Networking for realtors is important. Build a relationship with other local businesses to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Below are a few industries where real estate agents can form productive partnerships.

  • Insurance
  • Bankers
  • Lenders
  • Home services

Social media marketing

You need to have a very good online presence and use different social media platforms to push your business. Be mindful to post content that brings value to your clients to become the go-to agent in their minds.

Note: Invest your money in paid online advertising such as Facebook & Google Ads.

Take advantage of AI and machine learning predictive analytical system

AI is changing the way we do things, as a serious 21st-century realtor, you should be taking advantage of predictive analytical systems that evaluate and forecast the market. Depending on the location you want to farm, and your target audience, this AI system will help you acquire leads with little work from your side. Once you know the location of your target audience, you focus your ads there. When you do this the algorithm will favor you.


Getting referrals is the best and easiest way to acquire leads and close them. Positive word of mouth is a major plus in real estate. Most real estate businesses get their clients from people’s referrals by friends, neighbors, or relatives.

Creating landing pages

Pay attention to your design, work on your call-to-action, add testimonials, look after your forms, highlight your offer’s benefits, create limited offers, and pay attention to your conversion funnel, by doing all these you attract buying clients.

Email marketing

It can take months or years for homeowners or would-be homeowners to take the leap and contact a realtor. Instead of just hoping for potential clients in your area to find you, use email marketing to nurture your audience that isn’t ready to buy right now, but will most likely buy in the future. Then, when they decide they need a realtor, they contact you, because you are an expert.

Note: Do not forget to put your call to action in any email you are sending to your prospective client.

Advertise through more traditional media

Sometimes, the best avenue to get your brand out and attract new clients is by using an old-school method. Billboards, print ads, and direct mailers can be excellent resources to grab prospective clients’ attention and make them want to key into your realtor business.

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, reach out to us today for a demo!

Robert Reardon
General Manager, Constellation Data Solutions

Robert Reardon is an entrepreneur and operator with a background in finance and technology. He is passionate about building real estate technology products that bring together real estate professionals and consumers in meaningful new ways. 

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