How Real Estate Investor Zach Witkoff Is Incorporating Tech Into the Construction Space

We live in the most abundant era in human history. Thanks to the progress of civilization, we now have access to things that used to only exist in the imagination. The immediacy in which we exchange resources and information has dramatically accelerated the pace of our evolution. At the heart of these developments in technology.

We have created an extension of ourselves that constantly opens new dimensions of opportunity through it. For all the issues we face today, technology is perhaps our best hope. Those who are capable of seeing its potential are the ones leading us to the future.

There have been some ground-breaking innovations when it comes to sharing spaces. Companies like Airbnb have notoriously revolutionized the hospitality industry. We have real estate development on the side of construction, which accrues to over 10 trillion dollars in the global economy. This industry is beyond consolidated, but is falling behind innovated much in the past fifty or sixty years, according to investor and real estate expert Zach Witkoff. It’s time for that to change, and Witkoff is the right man for the job.

The Witkoff Group is one of the most established real estate development firms in the nation. Founded in the late 90s by Zach’s father, Steven Witkoff, it’s the company behind renowned hospitality projects like The Times Square Edition, The West Hollywood Edition, and The New York City Public Hotel. They are also currently working on massive developments in Miami. The Witkoff Group is not only participating in constructing cities’ landscapes, but also in cultivating strong relationships that can later turn into powerful collaborations. The company’s vision is to facilitate the nourishing of engaged communities that can ultimately have an impact on a larger scale.

As a new branch of the family business, Zach Witkoff started Witkoff Capital in 2019. His goal with it he seeks to integrate technology into the real estate space. “We are very long in hard assets and want to expand into tech,” says Witkoff. Zach’s interest in technology sprouted in college. He attended The University Of Miami’s Business School, where he graduated with high honors. With his vast experience in real estate, he saw the opportunity to disrupt the industry by blending it with tech. “We want to invest in cutting edge ideas and then advice the founders with its experience in the real estate business, helping them find ways to integrate their company into our portfolio,” Revealed Witkoff.

Witkoff is well informed to believe that technologies like AI and blockchain are capable of changing the game of construction. “As AI starts to accelerate, there will be a lot of automation that streamlines processes both in real estate and other areas, and it will be a game-changer. So that’s certainly one of the themes of our family office.” Says the investor, “You see homes being built with 3D printers, which is fascinating. Now you can construct with robotics. These are all the kinds of things that I’m looking at.”

Through the eyes of Zach Witkoff, the future of real estate certainly looks exciting. Judging by his savviness and drive, it’s safe to predict that it will not be the only industry he will help transform.

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