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The first step toward unlocking your real estate success is choosing the right brokerage. Consider your brokerage the foundation of that success, and where you choose to build your business will make all the difference. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or a seasoned veteran, partnering with the right brokerage will empower your growth and potential.

Choose your own real estate adventure
A career in real estate isn’t a straight line. Agents need to be flexible—and you should be able to expect the same of your brokerage. Your needs as an agent change depending on countless factors, from economic to personal and beyond, and your brokerage should be able to keep up. Agents should have the power to choose their own real estate adventure, and brokerages should support an agent throughout every chapter of their career.

If you need flexible commission plans, on-demand support and training or are looking for ways to cement your business legacy, the right brokerage should seize the opportunity to tailor offerings to any path your career may take. As an agent, you should never feel like you have to brokerage-hop to have your needs met. If you partner with a forward-thinking brokerage that anticipates a resource gap and works to exceed expectations, you’ll be able to focus on your career growth.

Get the value you deserve
Consumers are demanding more value out of real estate professionals, so why shouldn’t an agent get more out of their brokerage? Your brokerage should reflect what you value most, and you deserve to partner with a brokerage that ensures you’re getting the best return on investment. In today’s digital-first world, working with a brokerage that pioneers industry-leading technology is one of the best ways to invest in your business—much like HomeSmart has done with our proprietary RealSmart Agent platform. However, having the technology you need to seamlessly navigate transactions is only one piece of the puzzle; integrated, consumer-facing apps, like HomeSmart’s newest tech offering, HomeSmart Client, allow an agent to elevate the real estate experience and provide clients the next-level engagement they want.

Meeting you where you are while planning for the future
Choosing a brokerage that prioritizes what you want and anticipates what you need is important when it comes to building a successful business strategy. At HomeSmart, we have worked closely with our agents to develop the programs and services they want in order to maintain the flexibility they need by leveraging a simple idea: A brokerage should be committed to continuously innovating and pushing the limits to meet agents where they are, helping them define a clear course toward the future they deserve. It’s your real estate adventure, and now is the time to choose the path that unlocks your potential.

Thriving off empowering teams to achieve success and drive profits, HomeSmart President Ashley Bowers brings a supportive and collaborative approach to leadership. Under Bowers, each of the brokerage’s departments operates in sync to meet growth, retention and systematic goals.

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