haesimdang senior social housing in seoul, korea


haesimdang, a social housing for the elderly with ample communal spaces to enjoy


situated in the city center of dobong-gu in seoul, haesimdang is a senior social housing pilot model that responds to an aging society in the region. korean firms geeumplus and gain architecture collaborated on the project – realizing a welcoming facility with colorful façades and a rich roof garden design. haesimdang, which translates to ‘a house where we can live comfortably’, combines residential convenience facilities with healthcare services that cater to both the elderly and those with reduced mobility. 

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images © geeumplus & hoonkoo lee



the first floor accommodates the disabled, while the second and third levels respectively host older women and men. the fourth floor, finally, welcomes elderly couples. to join all residents, geeumplus (see works here) and gain architecture designed a local community space on the first floor, adjacent to the roadside, that provides a place of rest and leisure. still, each floor holds its own communal space and can access an open-to-all eco-garden on the roof. 

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floors marked by different colors



a biophilic design that responds to the climate crisis


moving outwards, the haesimdang social housing building is clad in a brick finish that matches the surrounding landscape. additionally, the two middle floors feature a specific color accent — green and yellow — that emphasize the biophilic qualities of the architecture.



here, the biophilic layer reveals itself through the rooftop garden designed for permaculture and where various species and plants interact. although small in size (200 sqm), the rooftop plays the role of an eco-garden in the middle of a bustling city; residents can gather for a barbecue, participate in agricultural activties, or enjoy the sight of greenery. meanwhile, the common spaces on each floor feature a green wall — creating a pleasant and natural atmosphere.


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