graffiti tags take on architectural forms in marcus byrne’s AI series

when life imitates art: marcus byrne using midjourney 


What happens when graffiti tags influence the architecture of the buildings they once adorned? Graphic designer, digital artist, and visual storyteller Marcus Byrne asked himself that question before venturing into the world artificial intelligence for his latest project, ‘When life imitates art.’


Using text-to-image software Midjourney, he envisions graffiti tags as taking on the shape of abandoned architecture. The dystopian AI-generated series celebrates the beauty in the decay and how ‘spray can give us the freedom to express,’ writes Byrne. 

when life imitates art 1
all images © Marcus Byrne



turning graffiti strokes into eerie 3D structures 


An accomplished creative, and a big-time Photoshop pro, Marcus Byrne has always been interested in how technology and our environment can shape the people we become and vice versa. Indeed, for this AI series, he specifically explores how ‘artistic tribes shape culture and give meaning to the cities they express themselves in’


The result is an eerie collection of ghosted yet sculptural structures, each embodying the familiar brushstrokes of spray-painted tags left behind by graffiti artists. Details of decay, creeping plants, and faded coloring take over the warped facades and interiors, adding a touch of realness to the digitally simulated architectures. Byrne’s concept images were conceived using text prompts in Midjourney with a little bit of Photoshop.

when life imitates art 7
spray-painted strokes emerge as warped, 3D interiors

when life imitates art 3
details of ruin take over the facades

when life imitates art 2
‘When life imitates art’ celebrates the beauty of decay

when life imitates art 4
a dystopia-inspired series

when life imitates art 5
Marcus Byrne combined Midjourney with Photoshop to create his latest series

when life imitates art 6
giving new meaning to abandoned architecture




project info:


name: When life imitates art
design: Marcus Byrne

program: Midjourney


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