Get the Look: Trestle Homes’ Residential Rooftop Retreat

Photo by Spacecrafting

Mornings are a breeze when you’re Trestle Homes’ owner Peter Crain, who wakes up to an eco-friendly green roof and peaceful patio without lifting his head from the pillow. Just beyond a set of double doors in the second-level primary bedroom, the outdoor oasis awaits— designed to not only capture runoff and lower the temperature of what would otherwise be a hot, flat roof, but also bring a bout of beauty to Minneapolis’ Fulton neighborhood. Here, a sea of pre-planted trays filled with hardy, pollinator-loving sedum plants makes morning coffee on the rooftop an experience worth climbing out of bed for.


Powder-coated steel railing, Bauer Metal,

Rooftop Plantings

Sedum selected in a rich tapestry of colors, Bachman’s,

Rug, Seating, and Furnishings

Available through InUnison Design,

Project Contributors

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