Freshworks expands unified customer record architecture with Freshchat

Business software provider Freshworks has announced new capabilities for its Freshchat chat service, as part of its Summer 22 Product Launch. 

Freshchat is a native AI-driven, bot-assisted conversational messaging tool for enterprises, designed to help customer support employees efficiently tackle incoming calls.

Upon receiving a call, the chatbot will leverage AI to answer user queries, freeing up staff to give their efforts to more complicated customer requests.

The offering sits alongside the company’s Freshmarketer and Freshsales solutions on its unified customer record architecture to support agents, marketers, and sales teams across multiple messaging channels.

Together, the trio aim to improve customer engagement by unifying messaging channels on a single platform to provide more intelligent and more productive customer-employee interactions, Freshworks said.

“The better you know your customers, the more you will delight them, and the faster they will come back for more,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, Freshwork’s Chief Product Officer.

Freshworks has introduced an Enhanced Unified Customer Record (UCR), which pulls together its CRM tools Freshmarketer, Freshsales, and Freshchat. This allows it to equip agents with complete customer context across support, sales, and marketing teams to save time and effort for businesses and customers alike.

Essentially, it means that Freshchat can swiftly pull together relevant information when conversing with customers, regardless of the channel of communication.

Freshworks conducted an internal review of aggregated data of customers using its Freshdesk support desk tool alongside Freshchat in 2021. It found that customer service agents using Freshchat AI-powered bots saved over 37 hours per interaction or had an improvement of 94% in Average Resolution Time compared to businesses that solely use Freshdesk.

“Conversational engagement is at the heart of customer interactions and Freshworks delivers a powerful data platform across sales, marketing and support so customers and employees can have smarter, faster conversations,” Ramamurthy added.

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