Free virtual guest speaker series will feature climate change topics

‘I think people need to hear there is still hope, and, to understand there are real opportunities in the next economy here in North Bay’

Next Economy: North Bay (NENB), supported by reThink Green, will be hosting a virtual guest speaker series, starting 20 January.

The event will run for five consecutive weeks until February 17. Each session will start at 6:30 pm and last for approximately one hour – including question and answer sessions.      

Entitled ‘Action Climate Change’, the series aims to draw attention to the work already being performed by members of the North Bay community. It will showcase numerous ways we can build a more sustainable and resilient future.  

The guest speaker series is free to attend and open to the public. All sessions will be hosted on Zoom Webinar. Interested individuals are requested to register via the following link:  

“As we embark on another momentous year, I think people need to hear there is still hope, and, to understand there are real opportunities in the next economy here in North Bay’, said Simon Blakeley co-founder of Next Economy: North Bay. ‘Our guest speakers will demonstrate the several ways through which a more sustainable economy (and society) is possible. One that truly balances the urgent needs of our natural environment, while delivering good jobs, and meeting the expectations of future generations.”

Guest speakers include: 

Thursday 20th January

Kylie-Anne Grube – North Bay Resident, and Climate Engagement Specialist (County of Dufferin) Subject: ‘Building Back Better: The Co-Benefits of Community Climate Action’  

Thursday 27th January  

Rod Bilz, President, Remedy Developments 

Subject: ‘The Missing Small Developer: A Strong Towns Approach’  

Thursday 3rd February

Brennain Lloyd, Project Coordinator, Northwatch  

Subject: ‘Transportation Options: Sustainability and Social Connections’ 

Thursday 10th February

Dave Smits, (P.Eng) Partner, Induspec 

Subject: ‘Sustainable Building Designs’ 

Thursday 17th February 

Simon Blakeley – Program Director, reThink Green:  

Subject: ‘The Low Carbon Economy’ 

Members of the public can also join the conversation on the group’s Facebook page.

Next Economy: North Bay comprises a grassroots collective of local business and community leaders who are seeking to build capacity, so the City of North Bay (and surrounding communities) may become leaders in the modern, low-carbon economy.  

reThink Green is an environmental programs incubator, headquartered in Sudbury, which provides programs and services to support businesses, communities, and households in northeastern Ontario. The organization connects people, ideas, and resources, and inspires action on climate change through capacity-building networks, knowledge-sharing, and community education-led opportunities.  

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