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FLORENCE, S.C. — Florence County’s Adult Education Program has earned accolades from state adult education officials.

At a recent statewide ceremony, the Florence County Adult Education Program received recognition from the S.C. Office of Adult Education, the South Carolina Association of Adult Education Directors, and the S.C. Association of Adult and Continuing Education.

Each organization presented the awards to Florence County Adult Education organization at the Celebrating Our Success Program.

Dr. Carol Hill, director of adult education for Florence County, said the local program received four state awards: The Facility Enhancement Award, the Stepped Up to the Plate Award, the Teachers Hall of Fame Award and the Paraprofessional/Administrative Assistant of the Year Award.

The Facility Enhancement Award is given to local adult education programs that upgrade their physical facilities to better serve students. Florence One Schools received this award in acknowledgement of the design and technology that it incorporated into the McClenaghan building remodeling project.

“We feel very honored to be teaching our hard-working adult education students in such a wonderful school setting as the McClenaghan building,” said Hill. “The support that Dr. Richard O’Malley, superintendent of Florence One Schools, has given to adult and community education is a compliment to our students and a gift to our whole community.”

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