Efforts to develop parks in the name of country leaders: S A Ramadas


Former minister and legislator S A Ramadas said 16 parks will be developed in the city, mainly with the cooperation of the Mysore Urban Development Authority, Metropolitan Administration and allied departments, to be implemented in the next 10 years to implement central / state government projects.

He said this at a press conference held at a private hotel in the city.  During the Modi Yug Utsav, we had planned to build conceptual parks and tranquility on the basis of which we have submitted a project to the government for the construction of 15 concept-based parks. These parks are being built at a cost of ₹ 24 crore.

As a first step to develop the concept of 15 parks on a conceptual basis, officials and officials of the park and cemeteries in the Krishna Raja constituency met with members of the municipality to discuss the theme of the park and the next steps. In addition, we have made plans with the assumption that the public should also be comfortable. It will also create awareness for the next decade, plans have already been drawn up to develop the remaining 98 parks and will be launched within the next one month.

Each park has different building designs, separate toilet system for women and men, yoga pantry, multi-purpose yoga pavilion, well-equipped footpath drinking water system, CC TV installation, separate gym equipment for men and women, lamp post in order to make the music unique, Krishnaraja is planning to provide the borewell water to the parks in order to make it a non-borewell area.

Most notably, the Indoor Games, Digital Library, TV Installation and Adaptations for their knowledge, are scheduled for breakfast, lunch and evening coffee and tea has been planned.

We also thought to take school children to one of the parks every Saturday and a price will be given for the vest review made by them.

H V Rajeev, Chairperson of Mysore Urban Development Authority, spoke on the occasion with the Forest Department, emphasizing the need for green parks in the city. We are also focusing on greening and empowering parks in the jurisdiction. We have focused on children’s auto services.  The Authority will cooperate with these objectives, he said.

Mayor Sunandha Palanetra, Chayadevi, Umesh, Sowmya, Vanishree Kumar and other leaders were present.

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