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The dream house series is an architectural feature that highlights the outstanding architectural qualities of our homes across the island. But it is also more than that. It also speaks, at times, of the special relationship between humans and their habitats. You see, your home is a mirror of yourself!

Here in arid St Elizabeth, sitting literally right on the seafront, is this idyllic beach cottage, striking a first and last impression as it leaves you flabbergasted with its defining features of artistic wonder and amazement.

The owners and conceptualisers are Sharon Feanny, Jamaica’s guru certified, master yoga teacher, aromatherapist and wellness expert. She’s inspired by the Hindu mother goddess Shakti, a divine cosmic force of energy, power and creativity. Her husband, Nicky, is the construction project manager for the Sandals Resort Group, responsible for bringing to life the fantastic leisure designs this side of the hemisphere. They have three children, and together, this dynamic duo brings to their future retirement home creation a communion with the natural surroundings, a sense of meditative calm, and a spirit of renewal – along with the construction expertise of resort living to die for.

Their ‘forever home’ in Old Wharf, Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach, is borne of Sharon’s vow to herself to own a place like this in this area. She and her hubby purchased a smaller house than it is now, on a little over quarter acre in 2008. Today, its 2,700 square foot stands as an air-conditioned three-bedroom, three bathrooms en suite, with an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living facilities. The main verandah (with the sexiest plunge pool right beside it) overlooks the azure waters.

Floors are of poured, polished concrete, with sliced conch shells implanted in them. Conch shells also highlight some furniture, like bed heads. Kitchen counters are of concrete, again with inserted conch shells. Some walls are pink Jamaican marble, embedded with the same shells, and driftwood adds to the décor.

Further to entice your senses is an unusual circular outdoor shower, a yoga cabana, a memorable tree house deck, and a private roof sun deck.

Here, ‘healing’ architecture supports your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs, improving your overall well-being.

Barry Rattray is a dream house designer and builder. Email feedback to barry-rattray@hotmail.com and lifestyle@gleanerjm.com

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