Designers Select: Nine Stellar Lighting Picks

courtesy Carpenters Workshop Gallery
From Carpenters Workshop Gallery the Clever Lamp by Atelier Van Lieshout

With a world of luminaries to choose from, three New York designers—James Cull, Katherine Mendez, and Krista Ninivaggi—tell us about their top lighting picks for workplace, residential, and hospitality industries.


courtesy James Cull

James Cull
Design Director, Associate Principal
Rottet Studio

courtesy James Cull

Juniper: THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light
“The elegant system is precision-machined from 1/2-inch solid brass tubing and comes with beautifully integrated dimmers and minimal connections, making the design well-considered, sleek, and architectural.”

courtesy Apure Lighting

Apure: Minus Series
“This miniature ‘glare-free’ lighting system has an almost-unbelievable 3/8-inch to 1-inch aperture. The shallow depth makes it perfect for ceilings without the space required to install typical recessed lighting.”

courtesy Circa

Circa Lighting: Fascio Sconce
“This decorative crystal fixture comes in multiple sizes and several elegant finishes. It brings a luxurious hospitality or residential tone to corporate projects and is beautifully installed along corridors or as the centerpiece of a lobby.”


Katherine Mendez
courtesy Katherine Mendez
Katherine Mendez

Katherine Mendez
Director of Interiors

courtesy Roll & Hill

Roll & Hill: Fiddlehead Cantilever
“This elegant and versatile fixture gives weight to the light glass, and the steel arm feels fine and airy and reacts to the architecture by creating a counterbalance from the ceiling.”

courtesy Apparatus

Apparatus Studio: Signal Z Pendant
“This pendant has an intricate composition that adds interest to any space. From the rhythm of the metal and the natural patina finish of the brass to the glowing smoked glass, the fixture transforms when lit and becomes a focal point.”

courtesy Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery: Clever Lamp by Atelier Van Lieshout
“This lamp blurs the line between art and design, becoming a floor lamp that is both functional and sculptural. The patinated bronze brings depth and texture, and when lit, the shadows created by the texture and form of the fixture add a playful touch.”


Krista Ninivaggi
courtesy Krista Ninivaggi
Krista Ninivaggi

Krista Ninivaggi
Principal & Interior Design Leader
Woods Bagot

courtesy RBW

RBW: Radiant Disc
“We use this fixture—made from wood—when we need diffuse light and do not want to see the hotspot of the light source. We use it in spaces that need to be warmed with extra touches of natural material.”

courtesy Andrew Neyer

Andrew Neyer: Mobile Light
“The best part of this versatile fixture is that the pivot allows you to position the arms as desired in a space. We have often used it in renovation projects, particularly where existing light points might be off center. You can visually adjust the center by the way you configure the arms.”

courtesy Allied Maker

Allied Maker: Aperture Sconce
“We love the tectonic nature of the way this light is designed. The assembly is beautifully expressed. The ribbed glass diffuses the light to be flattering but also to create a complex light pattern on adjacent materials.”

This article appeared in the May/June 2022 issue of ARCHITECT.

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