Councillors and developer dispute rages on

A proposed development at the new St Leonards South precinct on Sydney’s lower north shore has divided Lane Cove Council over an approval of the building earlier this week, following the development being initially rejected by Councillors in June.

The proposal, submitted by Hyecorp and titled Audrey by Hyecorp, is for a 12-storey multi-residential complex on Canberra Avenue. The development application was the second received for St Leonards South following the NSW Government earmarking the area for high density development, which saw a number of developers demolish homes to make way for apartments.

There are 17 sites which will be submitted for development down the track. There is concern the rejection will set a precedent for future developments. 

Lane Cove Councillors believe the Hyecorp building breaches planning regulations due to not being set back far enough from a pedestrian walkway. Hyecorp opposes this claim, arguing the regulations are merely guidelines.

audrey by hyecorp

Residents were concerned about the size of the building and the solar access of other homes, as well as creating traffic on the street.

“The panel notes the applicant and council consultations have resulted in the setback minor non-compliances being offset by significant community benefit in design excellence and facilities,” a statement from the planning panel reads.

Hyecorp Managing Director Stephen Abolakian tells the Sydney Morning Herald that the developer has adhered to non-negotiable planning controls and that the council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) has a degree of flexibility.

audrey by hyecorp

“The planning panel and the design excellence panel didn’t concern themselves with whether the DCP was enforceable, or was incorrectly drafted, or the setbacks did or didn’t apply, it was around the merits of the application and the design excellence.”

Lane Cove Council is now considering a review into both the DCP and planning controls. They have also written to NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts asking to suspend the DA of the Hyecorp site.

Abolakian says the building will comprise 81 residences as well as a childcare centre, cafe and outdoor leisure area. He hopes the construction phase will begin later this year.


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