Consulting on Developing a Thriving Relationship and Marriage by Life Coach Chris McClerklin of Peaceable Solutions

Chris McClerklin of Peaceable Solutions, LLC offers sensible solutions for individuals and couples who are in pursuit of being true to themselves and being equipped to flow in their relationships.

According to announcements released by Peaceable Solutions and Chris McClerklin, the consulting offered by the life coach at this consultancy is based on expertise and knowledge in relationship building and marital intervention. The consultancy shares tested strategies with couples and individuals who want a thriving relationship while preserving self-worth and establishing personal and relational values. 

Chris McClerklin has helped couples in the United States and abroad arrive at peaceable solutions for issues in their relationships; he helps families stay together and gives them the best chance to lead a normal, healthy life boosted by wholesomeness in relationships. He understands the bottlenecks and pain points in a relationship and then creates a bespoke program to help couples get their relationships back on track and obtain the mental acuity and fortitude to work toward peaceable solutions for conflicts. Clients can choose from one-on-one or group consulting to develop custom strategies for their requirements. 

Clients are encouraged to ask questions, share areas of concern, and understand how the course works and what it can do for them. Chris runs two very successful programs, “Successfully You” and “Love by Choice,” and is the author of a book “Relationship Builers: 10 Pillars for Healthy Relationship and Marriage” which is listed on Amazon created to help individuals complete the journey of self-discovery and demarcating boundaries in relationships. 

Through “Successfully You,” clients learn to explore their personal mission statement, assess values that define their actions, and achieve a degree of refinement in their lives. 

“Love by Choice” is a 6-week pre-marital, marital, or divorce prevention program that serves as an opportunity and a platform to think about the best ways to move ahead through consideration, forgiveness, respect, and expectations. 

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Chris McClerklin of Peaceable Solutions said, “Peaceable Solutions LLC is a life, relationship, and family-building consulting company. Our primary focus is to help individuals, regardless of the type of relationship, with navigating through everyday life by providing exercises for personal reflection according to the needs of each client with the intent to help them achieve personal success in their life and relationships. 

The professional and personable approach we take with our clients is guided by a heart of compassion and experience. Each program is divided into three phases: Learning, Application, and Maintenance. Each phase of the program is to assist the client with discovering a deeper awareness of themselves and their core beliefs and establishing new paradigms for the life they deserve.

I started realizing my passion and compassion for people over 20 years ago. My concern for people prompted me to develop Peaceable Solutions, LLC for individuals, couples, and families. Realizing how ill-prepared for life and relationships I was, I chose to embark on a journey of self-discovery, meditation, and counseling. I traced some of my behaviors to a poor self-concept which contributed to my hyper-vigilance, self-criticism, and depression. 

I knew the feeling of being clueless to make decisions regarding a career, establishing personal goals, managing finances, and not knowing who I am or what I liked. I reflected on the mission statement that I had written for my life, and one of those statements was, “I will be an asset and not a liability to society.” 

About the Company:

Chris McClerklin heads the consultation company, Peaceable Solutions, LLC, which empowers individuals, couples, and families to thrive. He is a premier relationship, and life coach focused on helping individuals and couples grow with the latest personal and relationship development tools.

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