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Everything new coming to NDSU, updates on construction

Construction on the skywalk over Albrecht Blvd.

Many new projects are coming in on campus, making North Dakota State University a veritable construction site. These projects will make NDSU more efficient and are going to repair the dated or damaged facilities. The construction that has been taking place is wrapping up shortly for students to finally use. Meanwhile other projects are just beginning.

Sugihara Hall

Sugihara Hall has finished construction, and is now open to faculty, staff and students. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Jan. 10 of this year, which marked the end of construction on the building. This new geoscience and chemistry building consists of labs and classrooms for students, as well as study areas for students. Teams will also work to prepare the exterior of the building.

Michael Ellingson, Director of Facilities Management at NDSU says, “There will be landscaping work completed this spring.” The construction teams are still waiting on some material for the interior to be completed. “There are warranty items and some last minute delivery issues happening, which is normal,” said Ellingson.

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Sugihara Hall will also be connected to the Memorial Union and Hultz Hall. A skywalk is being added between these three buildings to create more indoor walking space for students, which is especially helpful for the winter months. With this skywalk added, students will be able to get from Morrill Hall to the Quinton Burdick Building and to A. Glenn Hill Center without having to step outside.  

The skywalk over Albrecht Blvd. is currently under construction, as teams have already removed a section of it to fit the new path. The section removed will mark the start of the new skywalk which will be connected to the second floor of Ladd Hall, and will then be connected to Sugihara’s second floor and the Memorial Union alongside the Badlands room. 

This skywalk should be completed by September 2022, which will allow students to stay inside longer during the next winter. 


Dunbar is set to be torn down in order to accommodate for the skywalk to Sugihara Hall. Dunbar is currently the chemistry building; however, Sugihara has now taken its place for the chemistry department. The demolition of the building will begin mid-February. The construction on the skywalk cannot be completed until it is torn down. 

North Weible

Weible Hall has been under construction throughout the fall semester and is still being renovated. North Weible is closed this year and is not open to student living, although South Weible is still in use. Construction teams are working in the north section of the building, remodeling the second and third floor’s student rooms. They are also working to remodel the bathrooms to match South Weible. 

This will consist of privatized showers and toilets. “The plumbing in the bathrooms needed to be replaced,” said Ellingson. He also stated that the renovations are planned to be completed by June 2022 in order for students to live in the rooms during the fall semester. 

Construction has already begun on the Nodak Insurance Football Performance Complex. This will replace the Dacotah Field Bubble. This new complex “will include capacity for the women’s soccer, men’s and women’s golf, baseball, softball and men’s and women’s track and field programs also affected by weather throughout the year,” according to NDSU. 

The complex will contain an indoor and outdoor turf fields and practice facilities. Eventually the building will contain locker rooms, sports medicine and other resources; however they are prioritizing the outdoor field and practice facility. This $32.7 million building was funded by a variety of private donors, however the lead gift was given by Nodak Insurance, therefore receiving the building’s name. 

Peltier Complex

The Peltier Complex will begin construction this spring. The Peltier Complex is an agricultural facility which will connect NDSU to North Dakota’s farmers. The complex will support a wide range of research involving food science, meat science, muscle biology, food safety, nutrition, consumer sensory traits and the development of new agricultural products, according to NDSU. The construction is estimated to take around 20 to 24 months to complete. 

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Looking Ahead:

  • Over the summer, road construction will occur on campus near the Quentin Burdick Building. 
  • Construction on Ceres hall will also begin this summer. The second floor near the counseling center is going to be remodeled.
  • Ladd Hall will also be receiving minor renovations which will begin in the summer taking approximately nine months to complete. 

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