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  • 1330 Monroe Ave. in Charleston; Shirley Quinn and Peter Quinn of Charleston to Eric and Nels Lopez of Charleston, $87,000.
  • 2605 Pine Ave. in Mattoon; Janice Moritz of Neoga to Chase Munro of Mattoon, $70,000.
  • 1826 Ashby Drive in Charleston; Cleta Webster of Springfield to Natalie Woods of Charleston, $140,000.
  • 1011 Division Street in Charleston; Rex and Charlene Dukeman of Charleston to Julie Hargrove of Charleston, $55,000.
  • 3254 Old State Road in Mattoon; Kelvin Crawford of Mattoon and Randall Crawford of Henderson, Nev. to Blakely Clements of Mattoon, $80,000.
  • 2900 Pine Ave. in Mattoon; Kenneth Frost and Beverly Frost of Mattoon to Morgan Warren of Mattoon, $114,000.
  • 1 acre, corner of 33rd and Dewitt Ave. in Mattoon; The Otto Wash, Inc. of Humboldt to Kuhring & Todd Services, LLC of Tuscola, $250,000.
  • 1103 6th Street in Charleston; P.P. & W. Properties, Inc. of Charleston to TNT Properties, LLC of Park Ridge, $135,000.
  • 44 Circle Drive in Charleston; Tara Kerz and Jesse Kerz of McKinney, Texas to Zachary Lawyer of Charleston, $115,000.
  • 3309 Marshall Ave. in Mattoon; Colton and Rachel Sells of Brown Deer, Wisc. to Trenton and Ashlee Levingston of Mattoon, $66,900.
  • 2312 Western Ave. in Mattoon; Jarett and Megan Kelly of Mattoon to Kathy Thompson of Mattoon, $121,000.
  • 110 W. Lincoln Ave. in Charleston; Todd Clodfelder and Kimberly Clodfelder of Mattoon to Aman Morgan and Rebecca Morgan of Marshall, $200,000.
  • 1500 Madison Ave. in Charleston; Charles Matthew and Alicia Bower of Charleston to Premier Properties Investment Holdings, LLC of Charleston, $120,000.
  • 517 W. Coolidge Unit 7a of Charleston; Bradley Waltman, trustee, of Parrish, Fla. and Cindy Boyer, trustee, of Charleston to Brian Scott, Barbara Brooks, Nicole Brooks and Christopher Mounts, all of Charleston, $159,500.
  • 2821 Western Ave. in Mattoon; Michael and April Perkins of Lebanon, Tenn. to Jarett and Megan Kelley of Mattoon, $204,000.
  • 1550 Douglas Drive in Charleston; Citizens Equity First Credit Union in Peoria to Partlow Properties, LLC of Casey, $805,000.
  • 9387 Nees Street in Charleston; Allan Nees of Ashmore and Rodney Nees of Danville to Scott Ulku and Laurie Groom of Ashmore, $99,500.
  • 11835 E. County Road 970E in Charleston; Prairie State Bank and Trust, as Trustee of Land Trust #1194, of Springfield to First Mid Wealth Management as Trustee of Land Trust #21710002822 of Mattoon, $290,000.
  • 80 acres of farmland, PIN #04-0-00733-000, in Mattoon; First Mid Wealth Management, Trustee of Land Trust #21710002822 of Mattoon to Prairie State Bank and Trust as Trustee of Land Trust #1194, $560,000.
  • 11835 E. County Road 970N in Charleston; John Donnell of Humboldt to Eric Thornhill of Mattoon, $40,480.

SOURCE: Coles County Supervisor of Assessments Office

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