Classic American architecture and prefab building methods reimagine this modern tiny home

Nestron is a new generation of tiny home builders that combines classic American architectural elements and prefabricated building processes to deliver ready-to-live tiny homes.

Interior design has the power to completely transform living spaces into rooms that are defined by a certain mood, whether it be through rustic minimalist furnishings like hand-carved wooden bedside tables or subtle mid-century modern elements like brass knobs. With so many tiny homes coming out in recent years, each home’s unique interior design is what ultimately sets one apart from another.

Designer: Nestron

Nestron, a new generation of tiny living home builders, designs fully prefabricated homes with built-in furniture and a smart home system, delivered in a ready-to-live formula. The Legend Two from prefabricated architecture company Nestron is a prefab, tiny home that marries stylish design with classical elements. Today, the homebuilders at Nestron released the next generation of Legend Two, dubbed Legend Two X.

Built as an extension to the Legend Two series, the X generation expands its preceding model by 7.9 square meters, for a total of 33.4 square meters. The builders at Nestron expanded the prefabricated tiny home to accommodate full-size appliances like refrigerators and washing machines without compromising the home’s available living space. Inspired by classic American architecture, the exterior of Legend Two X’s prefab homes keeps an approachable, elegant appearance while maintaining a bit of decorative restraint.

The Legend Two X Folksy was designed by Nestron to combine the traditional elements of classic American architecture with some mid-century modern and Scandinavian-inspired design elements. Like the other homes in the series, the Folksy model hosts large, floor-to-ceiling windows to complement the interior’s bright white walls.

“We aim to bring back a sense of nostalgia with this rustic design,” the architects suggest, “The light tone used in this structure creates a lively and warm atmosphere.”

Moving one step towards flapper-era elegance, the L2X Opulent model replaced Folksy’s bright walls with darker tones to create a sense of tranquility. Achieving a look that’s both “modest [and] extravagant, yet timeless,” Nestron designers outfitted the Opulent model with metallic features and detailing to tie the whole mood together. The L2X Luxe model reimagines modern luxury by fusing silk and delicate interior details with modern furnishings like brass faucets and white marble coffee tables.

The L2X Folksy strikes a balance between bohemian chic and Scandinavian-inspired minimalism. 

Brass fittings and marble countertop seep timeless elegance over the entirely of L2X Opulent and Luxe models.

Floor-to-ceiling windows evoke subtle elements of classic American architecture. 

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