Homes along Lakewood Boulevard in the existing CD No. 2. Photo by Renee Umsted

The process to expand the Lakewood Conservation District has advanced with approval of eligibility from the City of Dallas.

A formal letter was mailed to Summer Loveland, one of the neighbors leading the effort. Loveland says city staff expect to have petitions for each homeowner in the proposed area ready on April 28.

The committee will then have 60 days to collect signatures from residents.

They are also working with the City to schedule the neighborhood meeting for neighbors in the existing CD No. 2 and the proposed expansion area. The meeting is expected to be held in mid-May at the Filter Building near White Rock Lake.

Loveland and other neighbors are still in the early stages of the process to create a subarea of the conservation district. This initiative was started to help preserve the historical and architecturally significant homes in the area.