Chinese GPU Maker Biren Hires Nvidia Architecture Designer

Biren Technologya China-based graphics card manufacturer founded in 2019, released a press release announcing the hiring of Mr. Yang Chaoyuanwho is listed as having over 35 years of product development and team management experience in the GPU chip industry.

Specifically, it is indicated that worked at Nvidia as Head of Architecture DesignR&D, or team management, which provides great added value both for Biren Technology and for the country’s industry.

“Mr. Yang has a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley and has over 35 years of experience in product development and team management in the GPU chip industry, having previously led R&D teams D in chip companies as important as Nvidia and TSMC.

During his time at Nvidia, Mr. Yang was responsible for architecture design, R&D, silicon pipeline, and team management, establishing Nvidia’s first overseas R&D center outside of the US headquarters in Shanghai, where he served as General Manager of Nvidia Shanghai. During his time at TSMC, he led the core design and technology platform R&D team to explore and advance various cutting-edge technologies in the chip industry.

From his position as special assistant to the president, Mr. Yang will think about the integration of resources and technological innovation in the chip back-end supply chain from the design side of the industry ecosystem, strategically planning the back-end of GPUs, CPUs, and DPUs to build a more efficient, autonomous, and reliable provisioning and delivery capability.

He said China’s semiconductor industry is now in the midst of a critical development period, and domestic high-end chips will certainly launch market-redefining products in the future. We look forward to working with our strong R&D team to build the world’s leading high-end chip series.

This year, the first general-purpose high-end GPU chip will be launched on the market, which can be widely used in smart cities, data centers, big data analysis, autonomous driving, healthcare, life sciences, cloud gaming, and others. fields”, indicates the company on its website.

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