Casa Capace in ABB’s popular video series, Frozen Music

Physical abilities can vary significantly, as we all know.

Living with limitations often means being heavily dependent on other people or having to cope with a rather rough or uncomfortable living environment.

How can architecture change this and design more inclusively?

And what role does technology have in this context to make the spaces we live in accessible for everyone?

These important questions can find an answer at Casa Capace in Sydney!

Here, architect Aaron Stevens with developer DPN creates homes for people with different needs and different abilities. In episode #15 of ABB´s Frozen Music video series, you can explore how houses can be welcoming, modern, and attractive – but at the same time offer dignity – keeping independent living comfort for everyone through intelligent design and home automation technology that truly supports the different requirements people have.

This certainly also includes the general benefits of home automation, like the easy control of lights, blinds and temperature, lowering energy consumption and related costs, and increasing the level of security for every resident. A role model for Australia and beyond.

Architect Aaron Stevens, Aaron Stevens Architects | Casa Capace by Aaron Stevens Architects| Abb | Stirworld
Architect Aaron Stevens, AARON STEVENS ARCHITECTS Image: Courtesy of ABB

“When driven by a desire to impact people for good, architecture is a powerful means of expression; one that can shape people’s lives forever,” says architect Aaron Stevens from AARON STEVENS ARCHITECTS.

Frozen Music Episode #15 Casa Capace – Sydney, Australia by AARON STEVENS ARCHITECTS Feb 2, 2022

Frozen Music

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