Seeking exceptionally organized professional with 6+ years relevant post-academic experience to join our fast-paced team and support our building consulting services in California and the greater Mountain West. You are experienced with database administration, data analysis, program management, and the building industry and get a thrill out of maximizing impact through strategic thinking and technological solutions. You have a talent for distilling the essence of what can seem to be a mess of information and logically arranging the pieces for optimal outcomes.

This will be a part-time hourly exempt position to start. Being based at the Jackson, Wyoming headquarters or the location of a satellite office or remote colleague (Bozeman, Boise, San Francisco Bay Area or Northern Michigan) is preferred but not required. Main objectives of this role include facilitating success of consulting programs by developing and maintaining database tools, and allowing the Principal to shift focus from managing the building consulting side of the business to that of developing information products.

Why Join Beyond Efficiency?

We empower people to create enduring human-centered buildings.

Beyond Efficiency is a highly respected consulting team of progressive engineers and architects with headquarters in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and other teammates in the greater Mountain West, California and Michigan. We provide energy modeling, engineering and green building services for multifamily, single family and non-residential projects throughout the western U.S. We also provide policy development, training, and research services. Our broad client base includes architecture firms, affordable and market-rate housing developers, world-renowned universities, and public agencies. 

We consider our key role as “client advocate” to help ensure project objectives are achieved. We do this by asking insightful questions at project initiation to establish clear, actionable goals and performance requirements, and then filling knowledge and skills gaps that often exist in project teams. Our educational philosophy, holistic understanding of buildings, and technical expertise give teams confidence to make better decisions and create buildings that improve people’s lives. 

Beyond Efficiency offers a relaxed and flexible work environment. We have a liberal vacation policy paired with moderate billable hour requirements, competitive salaries, generous professional development allowances, 100% health insurance coverage, 401(k) retirement plan with employer matching, and unlimited opportunities to carve your future and make a difference. Learn more about usour values and our approach to our work.

Role Summary: Leverage company database and other technology to facilitate achievement of Strategic Objectives and Key Results (SOKRs), monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and support business development and program administration activities. 

Core Role Responsibilities

  1. Help program directors/managers ensure success of programs by developing and maintaining database tools to forecast work and revenue; manage team resources; assess client experience; and monitor program portfolios for revenue and impact goals
  2. Create compelling interactive dashboards to engage team and celebrate progress; drive action towards improvement; and provide insights on company, program, and individual performance
  3. Coordinate discussions and gather feedback from team to assess current operational and program-related processes and tools, recommend and develop new or improved tools to maximize efficiency and impact, and train team on how to use tools
  4. Work with leadership team to identify SOKRs aligned with Strategic Plan, and develop and maintain database tools to support reporting and evaluation needs
  5. Monitor company-level SOKRs and KPIs, evaluate and report progress, and provide insight into performance against competitor and industry trends
  6. Support Accounts + Operations Manager by developing the tools they need to manage company’s legal and financial relationships with clients, subcontractors and vendors; monitor and maintain records; prepare and issue invoices; and pay bills
  7. Support business development goals by evaluating leads, providing feedback on proposal and budget development approaches, and administering proposal development process
  8. Support project administration needs by setting up new projects and companies in company database, logging key information, and coordinating with technical teammates to update as needed 
  9. Enhance team accountability and productivity by supporting colleagues to ensure timely project and task status updates in company database

General Responsibilities

  1. Leverage other team members’ expertise or knowledge when needed; understand when to ask for help
  2. Outline work plans prior to starting work, maintain logically organized and labeled files, and adequately document decisions or activities
  3. Provide regular status updates or reports from company database and review progress with team
  4. Do what needs to be done that may fall outside your formalized job roles

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Engineering management, business, data or computer science degree; or equivalent education or experience
  2. Six years relevant post-academic work experience, including experience with database administration, program management and the building industry
  3. Natural interest in the workplace and how people work, holistically considering how culture, communication and technology impact team members’ engagement
  4. Commitment to professional excellence demonstrated through continual learning and active involvement in organizations or the local community
  5. Self-starter with a can-do and “get things done” attitude
  6. Technical aptitude with ability to quickly learn and integrate new concepts and tools
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills (clear, concise, logically presented and appropriately catered to recipients)
  8. Critical thinker with innate ability to challenge assumptions, ask the right questions, and solve problems
  9. Strong judgment with understanding of best way to proceed in challenging situations
  10. Strong organizational and project management skills
  11. High integrity, doing the right thing even when it’s hard
  12. High initiative, always looking to improve things

Role Information

  • Primary Department: Operations 
  • Secondary Departments: Impact, Finance + Legal, Products + Services
  • Position Type: Part-time hourly, exempt
  • Pay Range: $32.45-$45.55 per hour, depending on location and experience
  • Primary Mentor: Katy Hollbacher, P.E.
  • Key Colleagues: Annette Hartsfield, Jennifer Love, Nathan Iltis

How to Apply

Beyond Efficiency is committed to the principle of diversity in our workspace. We believe that diverse perspectives add value to our processes and make us better able to empathize with and serve our clients, leading the way towards a more sustainable and equitable future. In that spirit, we strongly encourage applications from qualified people of all cultural and economic backgrounds, faiths, gender identities and sexual orientations.

To apply for this opportunity, please apply directly through the jobs page on our website at Direct your cover letter to Annette Hartsfield.

Beyond Efficiency will review applications and invite selected candidates for interviews on a rolling basis.

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