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Real estate transactions for the week of July 11-15:


John P. and Ellen A. Richardson sold property at 57 Bellevue Ave., Adams, to Lydia Richardson, $150,000.

Laurie J. Sobon, personal rep. of Carol M. Kleiner, sold property at 21 Willow St., Adams, to Nathan M. and Amanda A. Sobon, $26,000.

Laurie Sobon and Norman W. Kleiner Jr. sold property at 21 Willow St., Adams, to Nathan M. and Amanda A. Sobon, $78,000.


Construct Inc. sold property at 2442 Main St., Becket, to Shasta May Montana Bona and Sean Michael Christopher Fusco, $250,000.

Robert J. and William B. Vanzandt sold property at Shore Road, Becket, to Richard J. Cole Jr., $25,000.

Thomas W. Rumbolt, trustee of the Cory Wishes NT, sold property at 609 Main St., Becket, to Becket on Main Holdings LLP, $238,500.


Richard J. and Dianna J. Pikul sold property at 415-419 North State Road, Cheshire, to Laura N. Harbin-Waters, $249,900.

Daniel E. and Julie K. Coe sold property at 213 Devonshire Drive, Cheshire, to Kelsey L. Kurowski, $329,023.


Sharon M. Daley, formerly known as Sharon M. Scace, sold property at 916 South St., Dalton, to Andrew S. Cromartie and Janet L. Forest, $370,000.

Zachary M. Sondrini and Katie M. West sold property at 55 Bruce Drive, Dalton, to Ryan and Shannon McCasland, $446,000.

Brian S. Rice and Erika F. Prouty sold property at 61 Riverview Drive, Dalton, to Lawrence C. Brooker Jr., $326,500.


Paul Landsman & Susan Kosoff sold property at 31 Creamery Road, Egremont, to Zander Oldendorp & Elizabeth Oldendorp, $705,000.

Great Barrington

Kevin P. O’Rourke & Juanita Hankey O’Rourke sold property at 4 Lake Buel Road, Great Barrington, to Jessica Bennett, $300,000.

Gregg O. Wellenkamp & Eric H. Wellenkamp sold property at North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Little Brook Farm LLC, $310,000.


Alyse F. Dvork sold property at 2631 Hancock Road, Hancock, to Cheryl Bianco, trustee of the Bianco NT, $230,000.


Kimberly S. Morris sold property at 115 Ore Bed Road, Lanesborough, to David F. Manning and Judith M. Kelly, $275,000.

Christena M. and Delmont T. Keyes Jr. sold property at 226-228 Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to Justin M. and Sarah M. Dezess, $440,900.

John and Louann Jasinksi sold property at 31 Olsen Road, Lanesborough, to Charles E. and Elizabeth Moisan Forgey, $431,500.


Joseph Coates, trustee of the Taylor Family NT, sold property at 260 Mandalay Road, Lee, to Susan Ochs Kravitz, $435,000.

Casella Waste Management Inc. sold property at 1185 Pleasant St., Lee, to T&S Holdings LLC, $1,200,000.


Valley Mill Corp. sold property at 60 Willow Creek Road, Lenox, to Casella Waste Management Inc., $640,000.

Philip and Linda Halpern sold property at 15 Hawthorne St., Lenox, to Corcoran Lodging LLC, $1,012,241.

Wojtkowski Bros. Inc. sold property at 449 Pittsfield Road, Lenox, to Smegal Holdings LLC, $640,000.

Raymond Kushi, trustee of the Thomas R. Garrity & Barbara L. Garrity 2021 Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 64-68 Willow Creek Road, Lenox, to Casella Waste Management Inc., $710,000.

Carolyn R. Vandervort sold property at 45A Starwood Drive, Unit 5-9, Lenox, to Barbara J. Cohen, $310,000.


Alexandria D. Ramsey & Elizabeth Fulton Foley sold property at 200 Main Road, Monterey, to Rebecca H. Holder & Mary B. Holder, $850,000.

Joseph W. Putrino & Robert E. Lee, co-trustees of Joseph W. & Donna M. Putrino Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 17 Lime Rock Lane, Monterey, to Keith LePack & Alyssa Gelbard LePack, $800,000.

Mount Washington

James S. Filkins & Virginia S. Filkins sold property at 419 East St., Mount Washington, to Jacob Pelley, trustee of Bradley Pierce Brown Trust, $950,000.

North Adams

MountainOne Bank sold property at 60 Chestnut St., North Adams, to Lyndsey M. and Chad D. DeGrenier, $145,000.

Cindy Elaine Florence and Paul Anthony Beaudette, trustees of the 11 Hathaway Trust, sold property at 11 Hathaway St., North Adams, to Michael P. Meaney, $62,000.


U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee, and Christina A. Rosa sold property at 139-141 Robbins Ave., Pittsfield, to Richard Lampron, $70,000.

Beth Rachel Beckwith sold property at 155 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield, to William E. King and Daniella N. Murray, $700,000.

Sarah M. Dezess, formerly known as Sarah M. Langlais, sold property at 11 Swan St., Pittsfield, to Carol Passley, $452,000.

Matthew J. Barnes sold property at 142 California Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicholas J. Gallagher, $147,500.

Allyson N. Curley sold property at 37-39 Alcove St., Pittsfield, to Anthony M. Booth Sr., $195,000.

Ronald J. and Mary Jane Piazza, trustees of the Piazza Family RVT, sold property at 835 North St., Pittsfield, to 835 North LLC, $370,000.

Cheryl A. Bianco, trustee of the Bianco Landscaping NT, sold property at 1110 and 1120 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to BPM 1120 Churchill LLC, $1,585,000.

Jose F. Saldana sold property at 287 Second St., Pittsfield, to Deborah Salmon, $248,000.

Jacob Sweener and William Ellsworth sold property at 25 Meadow Ridge Drive, Pittsfield, to Pradeep Manoharan and Kannichamy Vaishnhavi, $700,000.

Pamela Jean Gauthier sold property at 501 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Morgan Jean Balentine, $567,000.

Kendra V. Smallwood and Tristan L. Greene sold property at 16 Adelaide Ave., Pittsfield, to Julia King, $293,000.

Jugpal Singh sold property at 253 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Jahlone D. Pacheco, $155,000.

Elizabeth Moisan Forgey, formerly known as Elizabeth Moisan, sold property at 36 Louise St., Pittsfield, to Anni Anoushian, $300,000.

Daniel J. Light sold property at 130 Leona Drive, Pittsfield, to Mark F. Marzotto and Lena Beth Diller, $580,000.

Sergio and Katie Torres sold property at 112-114 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Anita Saldana, $270,000.

Richard D. Sands sold property at 22 Cove St., Pittsfield, to Deanna and Bruce Gardom, $145,000.

Deepak Agarwal, trustee of the Deepak Agarwal MD RVT, sold property at 25 Alpine Trail, Unit 6-A, Pittsfield, to Giovanny Tintin and Mirian Del Rocio Moranda Galarza, $530,000.

Clint and Ashley Casella sold property at 56 Pine St., Pittsfield, to Tamara R. Tarjick-Hansen, $220,000.

Nicholas J. Garzone Sr. and Marjorie G. Garzone sold property at 163 Stearns Ave., Pittsfield, to LND Investments LLC, $110,000.

Jason T. Jones and Meagan E. Jones, formerly known as Meagan E. Holmes, sold property at 109 Euclid Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael and Heather Jefferson, $250,000.

Darren S. Corbett and Michelle L. Corbett, formerly known as Michelle L. Gallagher, sold property at 9 Gillette St., Pittsfield, to Roshni Patel, $375,000.

Pierino A. and Anna M. Besseghini sold property at 46 Wealthy Ave., Pittsfield, to Karen E. Kondel, $272,500.


Maria Elizabeth Ghi & Lily Elizabeth Ghi sold property at West Street, Sandisfield, to Samuel S. Mercier, $25,000.


Derek K. and Lynn E. Pinsonneault sold property at 302 Old Main Road, Savoy, to Michael P. and Brittany K. Maloney, $405,000.


Jeffrey S. Rote & Angel S. Rote sold property at 158 Bunce Road, Sheffield, to Nicole Kotsos & Lukus McDonnell, $350,000.


James F., Stephen H. and Tom W. Perlmutter sold property at 22 Beachwood Drive, Stockbridge, to Stephen H. Perlmutter and 80 Norwood Delaware Associates LLC, $210,000.


Mark S. Baran, trustee of the Phyllis T. Baran 2019 Trust, sold property at 42 Lakeside Drive, Tyringham, to Robert C. Kane Jr. and Kathleen O. Kane, $850,000.

West Stockbridge

Roger Kavanagh & Karen Kavanagh sold property at 7 Cone Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Mark S. Greenlaw & Melissa Greenlaw, $831,000.


Maura Taylor sold property at 1025 Simonds Road, Williamstown, to 1025 Simonds LLC, $165,000.

George E. and Mary Alcott Ferger sold property at 1191 Main St., Williamstown, to Samuel W. Smith, trustee of the Samuel W. Smith 2003 RVT, $616,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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