Atos Unveils Multi-architecture BullSequana XH3000 Supercomputer

Atos BullSequana XH3000

Atos today unveiled BullSequana XH3000 supercomputer, a hybrid computing platform based on the OpenSequana architecture enabling the system to be powered by CPUs and GPUs architectures from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and, eventually, by the SiPearl European HPC microprocessor. The system is scheduled for availability the fourth quarter of this year.

“Designed and manufactured in Europe at its factory in Angers, France, this is Atos’ most efficient and powerful supercomputer and an important element in securing today’s digital and economic sovereignty,” Atos said in its announcement. “As the undisputed European leader in supercomputing, Atos plays a key role in addressing sovereignty issues, ensuring that key HPC knowledge and skills are fostered and remain in Europe.”

Atos said the XH3000 delivers up to a 6x increase in computing power per m² compared to previous models and is scalable with a configuration from 1PFlops to 1 exaFlops for digital simulation and to 10 exaFlops for AI applications when next-gen processing units come on the market. “The system can accommodate processors from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and the future European processor EPI, which will go up to 1000W+ vs 350W today bringing improved power capacity/performance,” the company said. And the system supports several interconnect networks, such as BXI, High Speed Ethernet and HDR & NDR InfiniBand.

Regarding energy consumption, the XH3000 uses 4th Gen Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC), which Atos said delivers more than 50 percent improved cooling power than previous generations.

“As the leading European HPC vendor, Atos is well positioned to continue advancing research and innovation with its new supercomputer, and to bring exascale class systems to its customers,” said Earl Joseph, CEO of HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research. “With its new BullSequana XH3000 supercomputer, hybrid computing ecosystem integrating AI and quantum, and its strong roadmap for exascale, Atos demonstrates a clear, comprehensive vision of the future of scientific simulation, while taking into account the importance of decarbonization.”

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