Artisans recovery center aids Ottawa, Erie county residents

Joey Supina, who founded S.A.R.C.C. with his wife, Mary Supina, never imagined the center would impact so many people and organizations. Now that the building remodel project is complete, the center will have an even farther reach into the community.

SANDUSKY — When Joey Supina founded Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center (S.A.R.R.C.) in downtown Sandusky with his wife, Mary Supina, in 1996, he didn’t imagine it would impact thousands of lives across Erie and Ottawa counties.

With the completion of the building’s remodeling project earlier this year, the center is reaching more people and aiding more local organizations than ever before.

“People don’t realize that we do as much in Ottawa County as we do here,” said Assistant Director Christopher Ruff.

In the mid-1990s, Joey Supina was asked to take over an artist’s co-op in downtown Sandusky. As a talented artist who recreates his recovery experiences with paint and canvas, he didn’t want to see the co-op close.

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