Architecture Design Competition ‘Retreat’ Launched by UNI – Focuses on designing a retreat center in South Africa

Architecture Design Competition ‘Retreat’ Launched by UNI - Focuses on designing a retreat center in South Africa

Cover image – Call for entries – Retreat Architecture Competition 2022.

UNI has organized a competition that calls students and professionals from all around the world to design a retreat center that offers a relaxing environment in this hustle and bustle of daily lives.

The participants are expected to think about a space that offers a break between today’s busy routines and helps find a peaceful time which eventually leads people to re-energize. In theory, different environments from busy life can recharge them physically and mentally.

While introducing the challenge, the curatorial committee of Retreat said ”In moments of incessant, there are immeasurable times when we are lured towards the need of a spare moment. Not just a moment to run again, but to pause. Yes, pause. Something which people like us don’t remember doing often. There is an equal need for us to wind out of our daily life and enter into some retreat that will offer momentary peace until we begin again.”

Challenge is to design a retreat center that helps in disconnecting people from their busy city life and connects them with nature, by offering relaxation and luxury spaces that would help them rewind. This call for entries is open to all architects, students of architecture, landscape architects, interior designers, and artists from all around the world.

The competition will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of jury members. The panel will include Coetzee Steyn, Founder / Director, Steyn Studio, and more jury partners are to be announced soon.

A jury will select the winning designs based on the ambiance, landscaping, material palette, and other elements that make the experience unique to its visitors. The last date to submit to this competition is in January 2022. The results of this competition will be announced in March 2022.

To learn more about the competition: Retreat Hospitality Building Competition | Cape Town | About (

Retreat 2022 is an architecture competition hosted on UNI is a global network of architects and designers who are solving some of the most challenging problems around the globe. UNI brings together world’s largest pool of design challenges that are curated by the finest architecture academicians and professionals globally. With over 200,000+ registered members, UNI brings academia and professional spheres of architecture together through a unique knowledge-sharing web platform.

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