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Chandigarh: The Council of Architecture (CoA) has written to the UT administrator Banwari Lal Purohit stating that quality of Chandigarh College of Architecture (CCA), Chandigarh, is steadily deteriorating over last few years.
The letter was written by COA’s president, architect Habeeb Khan after the meeting with UT administrator on July 4 regarding issues being faced by their profession and architectural education.
The letter reads, “This brings us to the most important aspect, quality and standard of the institute. It is pertinent to point that quality is steadily deteriorating over the last few years. In discussions with alumni of the CCA, we have discovered the happenings at CCA. The concerns mainly pertain to the quality of graduates coming out of CCA. Council is willing to hold hands of institutes and mentor them to rise to equitable international standards. Council has initiated mentorship programmes wherein we can facilitate mentorship of institutes and help them achieve excellence.”
The letter further reads, “It has come to our notice that CCA approached AICTE of various norms, regulations and rules and deliberately bypasses CoA (Minimum Standards of Architectural Education) Regulations, 2020. This is one more serious violation of the law of the land and is bringing disrepute to the institute.”
The letter also highlighted the deficiency in the college’s faculty. “As against the requirement of 1 principal, 1 professor, 3 associate professors and 10 assistant professors, the institute has shown 1 principal, no professor, nine associate professors and nine assistant professors. However, none of the faculty shown have confirmed appointment in the application submitted to the council. Hence, the status of faculty remains suspect. The institute may be advised to rectify these deficiencies immediately to avoid any adverse action from council’s end.”

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