Anand Mahindra “Essential For India” Video Takes Social Media By Storm

Watch: Anand Mahindra 'Essential For India' Video Takes Social Media By Storm

The video is an advertisement for an US-based company.

New Delhi:

Industrialist Anand Mahindra often shares social media posts that range from hilarious to inspiring. Now, the chairman of Mahindra Group has added another video to the list, this time focused on a product that he thinks may have many takers in India. In a tweet, Mr Mahindra has attached a clip of a road patch that covers potholes on roads and acts as a waterproof seal over cracks and fissures.

The video, which is an advertisement of the product manufactured by the US-based company American Road Patch, pegs the patch as an alternative to the standard road-repairing process that is “time-consuming and often renders the road inaccessible for some time.”

Sharing the clip, Mr Mahindra said, “I would say this is an innovation that’s essential for India. Some building/construction material company needs to either emulate this or collaborate with this firm and get it out here pronto.”

The clip has clocked more than 160k views on the social media platform. 

A user said, “That’s amazing,” with a fire emoji.

“Sir – This will be useful if we have an early warning alert before it becomes huge craters and roads are already filled with potholes. May be suitable for the monsoon season, especially for Mumbai,” wrote another.

While many have agreed with Mr Mahindra’s opinion, some simply did not think it would be feasible.

A person explained, “Not a practical solution for Indian road conditions. Also, there’re various types of potholes. If the pothole is deeper than the carpet layer (wearing course), it needs to be filled with base and sub-base course. It’s not as simple as you think. We too have good civil engineers.”

A user complained, “Instead of this, India needs some good contractors who create good roads with good materials. Needless to say, India has very big potholes on roads even your car also gets sunk in it.”

A few wondered “will it hold against overloaded trucks?” 

Tell us what you think of Anand Mahindra’s suggestion.

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