ADA Sink Clearance Inspection Tool Kit for Builders and Architects Available with All Things Inspector Ensures Safety and Compliance

All Things Inspector sells knee and door clearance compliance kits for ADA compliance professionals. The website also shares pertinent information for commercial establishments that wish to ensure the safe use of bathrooms, elevators, and other spaces for individuals who use wheelchairs.

According to announcements released by All Things Inspector and Merle Parkins, the ADA sink clearance inspection tool kit available with this business helps users save time and money and ensure compliance so that property owners do not have to remodel bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces to make them accessible and usable for people on wheelchairs.

Section 306 of the 2010 ADA Standard provides the rules for knee and toe space beneath fixtures. Knee clearance is required for kitchen sinks, bathroom lavatories, and drinking fountains. The space under the counters allows a person in a wheelchair to get close to the fixture and use it easily.

The ADA knee clearance template ensures that the elements of accessible design are factored in before sinks are mounted. Architects, contractors, and inspectors that take this forward-thinking approach to ensure knee and toe space allow businesses to earn the goodwill of wheelchair-bound customers have good reviews online and generate more business.

The template also lets users measure the heights of toilets. 

It eliminates the need for tape measures and speeds up the inspection process. Such an improvement in efficiency is appreciated by ADA inspectors who have to measure fixtures in hotels with tens or even hundreds of rooms. The accurate toolkit sold by All Things Inspector enables precise measurements.

The kit also lets one check for tolerances, such as those for grab bars, towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and wall-mounted mirrors. Clearance is sensible due diligence when building in adherence to ADA codes.

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Merle Parkins of All Thing Inspector said, “Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law protecting individuals with disabilities from discrimination. The law aims to provide everyone with the same rights and opportunities. The ADA covers both private and public spaces. 

Nowadays, most websites have adapted to ADA compliance—showing solidarity and support to individuals who need more help than usual. However, what are the benefits of following ADA compliance guidelines and making private and public spaces more accessible to individuals with disabilities?

The point of ADA compliance is to minimize risks to individuals with disabilities. That said, following ADA compliance guidelines ultimately create a more accommodating environment for people with disabilities.

With a more accessible environment, there will be fewer risks to people with disabilities who are part of the community. For example, accessibility to buildings and structures will be easier, with no chances of tripping and falling.

Aside from making people with disabilities feel welcome and safe, ADA compliance also improves the design of public and private spaces. More specifically, the ADA accessibility guidelines can help create a convenient and comfortable space for your clients.

You don’t just have to create ADA-compliant designs that are pleasing to the eye, but you also have to factor in the needs of people with disabilities. As a result, your building designs will help create a healthier and more enjoyable environment.”

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All Things Inspector is a trusted online resource for information and tools related to ADA compliance. Along with the ADA inspection tool kit, the business also retails specialty tools for fire door inspections, door pressure gauges, and door gap gauges. Experts from the company are available to chat online and answer questions.

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