2022 Ideas to Steal: Flooring

Design by Stonewood, photo by SMHerrick Photography

Go With the Faux 

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Luxury vinyl, as seen in this one-of-a-kind Stonewood craft room, is hardworking, durable, and resistant to knicks, scuffs, and paint spills—making it the perfect selection for spaces that need extra protection.

Design by Eminent Interior Design, photo by Spacecrafting

Out of the Ordinary

We call attention to various design elements within our homes in myriad ways, often incorporating strategic lighting or intentionally eye-catching focal points. But rarely do our floors receive this same level of love. Whether it’s an out-of-this-world color choice or unique tile shape (like in this Eminent Interior Design laundry room), be bold, take the risk, and make it meaningful.

Rugs: Don’t Skimp on Softness

Add color and comfort to your space with rugs of various sizes, shapes, and textures. These spots have some of the best selections in the Twin Cities.

Design by Tays & Co. Design Studio, photo by Spacecrafting

Wood is “In” For Good

“Of all the available floor covering options, wood is the most consistent choice that adds value,” says Laura Tays of Tays & Co. Design Studio. “In 2022, there are specifics in wood selection that make it feel current. For example, wider and longer planks make a space feel less choppy. Varying board widths and lengths is another fresh way to add dimension and interest. Focusing on light, desaturated, matte finishes and natural textures will also add a fresh feel to your space.”

Design by Citydeskstudio, photo by Spacecrafting

Modern Warmth 

Concrete flooring doesn’t have to be cold, stark, or minimal in feel. Take this Citydeskstudio sunken living space, for instance, which is designed with both comfort and the realities of daily life in mind. (And since we endure mighty Midwest winters each year, don’t forget to ask about in-floor heat.)

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